Monthly Archives: December 2013

A golden rhythm.

When travelling, I am often concerned when I tell people I live in New York, their imagination immediately transpires to flashing lights of Times Square, or worse, Rockefeller Center at Christmas time. To me, that is not the New York I know and that is not what I love or share about this great city.

In her classic essay Goodbye to All That, Joan Didion refers to New York’s “golden rhythm” as if it is a mirage the young in New York suffer from, only to fatefully discover it doesn’t exist. But it does exist, and it’s essential to understand its existent is dependent upon the person who moves to their own rhythm in this amazing city of opportunity. For me, New York began with the smell of garbage and Caribbean spiced fish leading up to our little haven on Ludlow Street. The opportunities in New York are not defined by Wall St bonuses or luxury amenities. My opportunity is to simply be here, to be part of the rhythms of Chinatown opening on a Saturday morning, the bustling South Village bakeries serving fresh pastries and morning Americanos, local bookshop get-togethers, and the cobblestone alleyways to local distilleries in Red Hook, all at my fingertips. These experiences are for the taking and leave little time for comparison, or room to profit from the experience of others.

For me, that is New York’s golden rhythm.